when will there be good news?

today, apparently, there will be great news all around – three little e-mails and each containing wonderful news – after waiting for more than six months, my new kitchen will finally be delivered next week and on thursday nonetheless, which will give me all tuesday afternoon and wednesday to clean out my fridge and cupboards, get them taken down and renovate – i have been waiting for such a long time and always anxious because not all days would be as perfect – also, i have given up all in-depth cleaning of the old kitchen and it started to gross me out

second good news is the promise of work – i applied a while ago and hadn’t heard anything, but now the editor got back from her summer vacation and immediatly send me an e-mail, letting me know that she’ll have some corrections ready for me in a couple of weeks and that she’ll forward my offer to all the otehr editors – yay!

and the third one was also somehow work-related – i offered to host a science show in november and i got the job, if the show happens – so now i’ll put even more effort into helping the show along

yes, life can be good, if you get yourself off of your couch (or in my case out of your bed) and do something – having been pretty down these past couple of months has left me exhausted – i’ll call it a depressive phase and move on – i cannot live my life in bed and neither would i – i’ll get back to adventures and fun – that’s more like it

oh, by the way, wrote about 2 pages worth of phd introduction today as well – and they seemed to fall out of my head and on to the page with no effort at all – i wish, everydasy would be as easy as that

and one last ps: anyone recognize the title of my post? it’s yorkshire- and literature related, of course

help! please explain!

i am a big fan of strange and funny photos – things that seem rather too strange to be explained and too weird to make any sense, yet are nevertheless compelling and make me wonder and think and feel and want to find an explanation – and there’s plenty to go around on the internet – i adore the blog i’ve head dreams like that, where the author attempts explanations of some truly awesome weird and strange pictures

and now help! please explain!

here’s 50 photos – black and white, which is an added bonus – and no matter, who you are, whether this is your first random visit to my blog or you come by regularly, whether you want to tell me who you are or want to stay anonymous, i don’t care – what i do care about are your stories for the photos – pick one and let me know in a comment to this post what you think is the story behind that particular photo – be creative! – be funny! – be dramatic! – be whatever, but please, please help and explain!

by the way – here’s a photo i took myself and am yet unable to explain – i know what it is, i just don’t get the logic behind it – it’s very intriguing – i like it!

easy like sunday morning

alright, it’s more like sunday afternoon, but i cannot help it, i’ve got this song stuck in my head as well as the uncontrollable urge to work on a jigsaw puzzle – too bad i don’t have one here, i’ll have to get one tomorrow – i guess that really sums up that delicious sunday feeling of being able to laze about and do whatever you feel like doing – i started the day by finishing a book and then wishing it had never ended – i recently started a love affair with a new author and i think she’d be the first to understand because that’s what her books are all about: the love of books

helene hanff, a struggling new york author landed a surprise hit with 84, charing cross road, which i stumbled upon in the library, took home and was charmed with it – i immediately followed it up with duchess of bloomsbury street, which is an account of her first journey to london and now i finished q’s legacy, which describes how she came to love books, write 84 and duchess and what happened afterwards – quite apart from the charm of the books of not being hugely famous, but rather known to a select circle, i feel as if i know helene quite well because i have read her books – it is as if i was right there with her from the moment she wrote that first fateful letter to the bookshop in london to her various adventures in england – a love of books and a love of england? – how could i resist? – i only whish i had known her earlier, thirty years seems an awful long time to have lived without her – nevertheless i will wait for my next trip to england to buy my own copies of the books from one of those many lovely antiquarian book shops along charing cross or tucked away quite unexpectantly all over the country – i swear, they’ll be the death of me because i’ll keep on buying books and i have no more room, but that again makes me feel ever so close to helene and her story

ps: sit tight for a renewal of all things book as i’ll soon put up another book appreciation post

my musical past

one of my favourite party questions (and i am always the ultimate winner) is: “so, what was your first real concert?” – as embarrassing moments of the kelly family, backstreet boys and such unfold, i cannot help but smirk, knowing that, even if it isn’t to their taste, my first concert experience is going to blow their mind – i was in grade 5 and i had a pretty cool music teacher, kind of an old hippy and instead of boring us with learning notes and singing stupid kid’s songs, we learnt about american gospel and the beatles – one day i got home and as i was always one for sharing, i was singing paul maccartney’s hope of deliverance at the top of my voice – remember, i was just wee 10 years old and my parents were rather astonished – but i wasn’t to be stopped and demanded to listen to my mom’s off the ground record in an infinite loop wherever we were going

for my 11th birthday they gave me tickets to paul’s new world tour and in september 1993 (more than half my lifetime ago), we went to see him live in dortmund – and that’s how my first rock concert was paul mccartney – it never fails to impress the embarrassed ex-boygroup-junkies and i still love my parents to bits for this awesome present – i began a true love story with great music, listening to the beatles, paul’s solo stuff and then moving on to queen – and even though i now sometimes listen to silly and not that great music, i carry the treasure that is my early musical education with me wherever i go in life and listening to some of the songs instantly makes me feel good and safe and loved and happy

today as i was indulging in a beatles and paul fest on youtube, i found this little gem, which started my whole reminiscing on the topic – isn’t it simply delightful? it reminds me of david hasselhoff, but is SO much better – it’s funny and whimsical and smart and an instant feel-good and laugh at the worries of life video – go watch and be happy

better late than never

best of bilbao – five days vacation with my mom – it could have been hell, but it was rather fantastic – we should make it a yearly institution – and bilbao was the perfect choice – it’s a yet l unknown pearl of a vacation destination – easy to reach via plane and the airport conveniently located just about 2o minutes outside of the city, a bus leaving every half hour or so and only costing € 1,35

there’s plenty of culture to go around, museums for the rainy days and amazing art right outside throughout the whole town, not to forget the fantastic mix of architecture – we made do with a day at the guggenheim, since the hockney exhibition really was the whole reason for choosing bilbao in the first place and the weather was too nice to spend indoors

guggenheim, bilbao

bilbao is within easy reach of some truly beautiful beaches – it takes you about 30 to 45 minutes on the subway and then a walk or bus ride to get to plentzia, a beautiful little fishing village or sopelana with its breathtaking coastal views and beaches



we also spent hours roaming through the old town, shopping or chilling at bars, eating pinxtos and watching people and somehow ending up twice in the same place for dinner – but who could pass up an amazing three-course-menu including a bottle of wine and one of water for just € 16? – yes, bilbao is that cheap – the trip to the beach costs about € 1,18!

i caved and post photos of food: mushroom and asparagus ragout

duck with strawberry(!) sauce


our hotel was a 5 star affair, which we could afford because they gave us an amazing deal – it was located right at the river, a 5 minute walk from the guggenheim and a tram station right outside – it had air-conditioned rooms, a pool and lovely bed with crisp white linen and loads of comfy pillows

there’s also the puente colgante, the oldest transporter bridge in the world – a world heritage site and truly amazing – walking across is a little scary, but maybe that’s just me!

puente colgante

i also placed countless rhino stickers in cool locations and started a love affair with spanish ham and sunshine that leaves me with a lovely sun-kissed tan


more photos to be found here, as usual – http://teacarophoto.wordpress.com/

new lost shoes from around the world


plentzia, 2012

food adventures #22

yummy – tastes like spain – the marshmallow-chocolate kind is devine

bilbao tomorrow

finally! summer vacation – i have packed a bikini and a couple of sun dresses, lots of sun screen and a couple of books – it is supposed to be 39° C on friday and i plan on either laying at the pool all day or taking a day trip to the near by atlantic coast and chilling on the beach and in the ocean

plans apart from lazing about are:  buying shoes – sandals, ballarina flats and possibly new dancing heels; going to see hockney at the guggenheim, possibly lunching at the guggenheim, taking the bilbobus, because it is simply the best name for a bus ever, taking a ridiculous amount of photos, buying a new basque style hat, not being embarrased how poor my spanish skills have gotten and possibly improving them

boris the cat

celebrating having handed in my second chapter today – now it’s on to writing about james herriot – the part i’ve been looking forward to for a long time

happy yorkshire day!