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i am a big fan of strange and funny photos – things that seem rather too strange to be explained and too weird to make any sense, yet are nevertheless compelling and make me wonder and think and feel and want to find an explanation – and there’s plenty to go around on the internet – i adore the blog i’ve head dreams like that, where the author attempts explanations of some truly awesome weird and strange pictures

and now help! please explain!

here’s 50 photos – black and white, which is an added bonus – and no matter, who you are, whether this is your first random visit to my blog or you come by regularly, whether you want to tell me who you are or want to stay anonymous, i don’t care – what i do care about are your stories for the photos – pick one and let me know in a comment to this post what you think is the story behind that particular photo – be creative! – be funny! – be dramatic! – be whatever, but please, please help and explain!

by the way – here’s a photo i took myself and am yet unable to explain – i know what it is, i just don’t get the logic behind it – it’s very intriguing – i like it!

yummy – tastes like spain – the marshmallow-chocolate kind is devine

this is my sevenhundred-seventy-seventh post – i think it deserves a triple hurray and a lovely cup of tea

what a busy and successful day – i worked for two hours (money earning work) – then exercised for half an hour – showered – had lunch with a friend – i took a little nap after i got home, worked two more hours (the money earning kind) – i hand-washed my favourite dress – changed my sheets – made ginger sirup – wrote a couple of paragraphs for my phd – had a couple of interesting thoughts for my phd – counted some obscure words in some novels for my phd – spent some tender loving care on my bicycle – and now i am off to dinner and two more exciting football games – and i will most definitely fall asleep with a smile for the moon – that is, if she shows her face, otherwise i’ll have to make do with a dance in the ever present rain

disney sounds better

men doing ridiculous things look better

and even sweden’s football shirts seem to take them one shot ahead of the competition

*click on the shirt to get the full story*

so, well well well sweden, what’s next?