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for a macadamia-nut like me, this is an absolute must-taste and it definitely keeps, what it promises – creamy yoghurt, deliciously tasting of macadamia, with bits of macadamia nuts thrown in – add some fresh fruit and a dash of chocolate sauce and all is well with the world

delicious space cookie tea for me, me, me – samova teas not only have great and creative names, the taste is totally out of this world – i am presenly zoned out somewhere in space, floating along on a cloud of taste and feeling perfectly at peace with the world and myself

really, really, really very good and there’s two more varieties to try! – only, why does it have to be a london 2012 edition? london’s always cool and so is toffee!

horrible, truly horrible – the texture, the taste, even the smell – never again!

and there’s a strawberry version, too! – yummy!

this really has nothing to do with my new-found fascination for anything panda – or has it? – i never really liked pandas all that much – sure, they’re cute and cuddly and endangered, but so are a lot of animals – but ever since this happened, i seem to be attracted to all kinds of things panda, like the slippers or the hat – bur anyways, i’d really like some coffee and breakfast now, panda or not

very pleasant for the taste buds

very nice for a sunny summer evening – best enjoyed with a bottle of wine or champagne and a good friend and some lovely chatting