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remember midnight in paris? – i fell in love with paris of the 20s and a little bit with dalí – but the 20s have always fascinated me and i wish i could swing and do the charleston – alas, one day …

but for today, let this video suffice – the song is quite catchy and on the bonus side, two of my friends are extras in the ballroom scenes

alright, it’s more like sunday afternoon, but i cannot help it, i’ve got this song stuck in my head as well as the uncontrollable urge to work on a jigsaw puzzle – too bad i don’t have one here, i’ll have to get one tomorrow – i guess that really sums up that delicious sunday feeling of being able to laze about and do whatever you feel like doing – i started the day by finishing a book and then wishing it had never ended – i recently started a love affair with a new author and i think she’d be the first to understand because that’s what her books are all about: the love of books

helene hanff, a struggling new york author landed a surprise hit with 84, charing cross road, which i stumbled upon in the library, took home and was charmed with it – i immediately followed it up with duchess of bloomsbury street, which is an account of her first journey to london and now i finished q’s legacy, which describes how she came to love books, write 84 and duchess and what happened afterwards – quite apart from the charm of the books of not being hugely famous, but rather known to a select circle, i feel as if i know helene quite well because i have read her books – it is as if i was right there with her from the moment she wrote that first fateful letter to the bookshop in london to her various adventures in england – a love of books and a love of england? – how could i resist? – i only whish i had known her earlier, thirty years seems an awful long time to have lived without her – nevertheless i will wait for my next trip to england to buy my own copies of the books from one of those many lovely antiquarian book shops along charing cross or tucked away quite unexpectantly all over the country – i swear, they’ll be the death of me because i’ll keep on buying books and i have no more room, but that again makes me feel ever so close to helene and her story

ps: sit tight for a renewal of all things book as i’ll soon put up another book appreciation post

one of my favourite party questions (and i am always the ultimate winner) is: “so, what was your first real concert?” – as embarrassing moments of the kelly family, backstreet boys and such unfold, i cannot help but smirk, knowing that, even if it isn’t to their taste, my first concert experience is going to blow their mind – i was in grade 5 and i had a pretty cool music teacher, kind of an old hippy and instead of boring us with learning notes and singing stupid kid’s songs, we learnt about american gospel and the beatles – one day i got home and as i was always one for sharing, i was singing paul maccartney’s hope of deliverance at the top of my voice – remember, i was just wee 10 years old and my parents were rather astonished – but i wasn’t to be stopped and demanded to listen to my mom’s off the ground record in an infinite loop wherever we were going

for my 11th birthday they gave me tickets to paul’s new world tour and in september 1993 (more than half my lifetime ago), we went to see him live in dortmund – and that’s how my first rock concert was paul mccartney – it never fails to impress the embarrassed ex-boygroup-junkies and i still love my parents to bits for this awesome present – i began a true love story with great music, listening to the beatles, paul’s solo stuff and then moving on to queen – and even though i now sometimes listen to silly and not that great music, i carry the treasure that is my early musical education with me wherever i go in life and listening to some of the songs instantly makes me feel good and safe and loved and happy

today as i was indulging in a beatles and paul fest on youtube, i found this little gem, which started my whole reminiscing on the topic – isn’t it simply delightful? it reminds me of david hasselhoff, but is SO much better – it’s funny and whimsical and smart and an instant feel-good and laugh at the worries of life video – go watch and be happy

because it is just so true – love does creep up and before you know it, it’s got you in a hard grip and does not let go for a very long time

and also because tim minchin is just absolutely the greatest singer ever and his songs are always, always right

disney sounds better

men doing ridiculous things look better

and even sweden’s football shirts seem to take them one shot ahead of the competition

*click on the shirt to get the full story*

so, well well well sweden, what’s next?

the european football championship has started and today’s the first game for germany – naturally, i’m excited – but also rather flabbergasted, my world cup adventures are six years in the past – how can that be? it seems like yesterday, which is odd to say, as it is a stereotype in itself, time passing in the wink of an eye, but honestly, six years? – how did that happen and how could i get so old so fast – let’s see, what’s changed

collecting team stickers seems either very very cool or very very silly – i cannot decide – possibly it is just an excuse to eat more chocolate

i have absolutely no desire to dress up in flags and paint my face, which will most likely have changed by tonight, but still …

i have been playing quite a bit of football myself, but the past year has been too busy to do much and i miss it like crazy

but i can still holler along to the greatest team football song of all times and break into giggles as i see jürgen klinsmann sing with all his might and heart and soul and body, it’s still the most adorable thing ever

so here goes to a great three weeks of european football*

* i really have no clue, who should win this thing, germany certainly seems rather unlikely

sunny saturday morning!

the classic – it cannot be missing in my christmas music collection

for obvious reasons, as my teeth seem to be of the oponion they ought to cause me trouble my whole life long …