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what a busy and successful day – i worked for two hours (money earning work) – then exercised for half an hour – showered – had lunch with a friend – i took a little nap after i got home, worked two more hours (the money earning kind) – i hand-washed my favourite dress – changed my sheets – made ginger sirup – wrote a couple of paragraphs for my phd – had a couple of interesting thoughts for my phd – counted some obscure words in some novels for my phd – spent some tender loving care on my bicycle – and now i am off to dinner and two more exciting football games – and i will most definitely fall asleep with a smile for the moon – that is, if she shows her face, otherwise i’ll have to make do with a dance in the ever present rain

“strawberries, and only strawberries, could now be thought or spoken of — the best fruit in england — every body’s favourite — always wholesome” (jane austen)

there’s nothing sweeter than a sunny sunday afternoon spent picking strawberries and gossiping with a good friend – so at the first sign that today was not to be one of those drear rainy june days, of which we had plenty this year, we took the chance and planned a drive out to the strawberry fields – we weren’t the only ones – seemingly half the city had had the same idea – yet there were strawberries for everyone – we each picked our fill, all the while stuffing our faces with the biggest and sweetest berries and yapping away about football, men and the ennui of working and studying life – afterwards we rewarded ourselves with more strawberry feasting in the sunshine before returning to our respective writing desks and tasks in happy anticipation of even more strawberry eating during the game tonight

really, that is how sundays in the summer should be spent! – strawberries, a little bit of light work and a football match to look forward to


it’s summer, it’s hot and a lovely, fat, long weekend is stretching ahead of me – berlin, here i am! ready to rock ‘n roll and have fun!

the past week has been hot and sweaty – too hot to move, too hot to worry, too hot to do anything but lie low and read a good book – but ever since a nice thunder and lightning storm life and the city have cooled down – i would love to spend the day lazing about, reading with my back against a tree or, oddly enough, a tombstone, going to the lake for a swim and making smoothies – but i do have loads to do – like writing a phd, which i seem not to be doing at all at the moment, due to extensive planning sessions for a six week research trip to yorkshire in two weeks time – hostel bookings, train fare checks and flight information are foremost on my mind – but, yorkshire, yay!

on such sunny days, even being confused in love does not matter – life is beautiful – and life will be even better tomorrow – tomorrow i’ll be in the city by the sea – i deeply long for the salty smell of the sea, dipping my feet into the water and chilling with a group of crazy friends – sounds like total summer feeling to me

being sick during summer is about the worst thing to happen – but being sick on a day like today, when the temperatures rise beyond anything bearable, you haven’t slept all night due to having been to the toilet every 15 minutes and a hot water bottle on your tummy is simply out of the question, makes life seem about closest to hell you can get




they were right – berlin’s got mountains – yesterday i climbed the great bunkerberg in friedrichshain and today it was the original kreuzberg – well, more hills than mountains, but who’d have thought? – this truly is summer in the city and all for no money and on a weekday like this even without so many sun-crazy working berliners like it would be on a weekend – really, this city has too many nice places for me, i could chill someplace different every day, but the waterfalls at kreuzberg, alongside the landwehrkanal are my favourites – you can guess why – of course, water and my feet in cool, fresh water – ahhhh, sigh, almost as good as walking barefoot on fresh green gras – almost!

first rays of sunshine alight on the city and people forget to put on clothes – they dress to impress with less – and a variety of people show it all – in tiergarten it’s nude party time and no one seems to care – there’s some pretty sights and some not so pretty and all of that right in the middle of the city, with cars going by and tourists from around the world gawking and sometimes even (most oblique of course) even taking photos – c’est la vie en berlin

it is a shame to be at the office on such a beautiful friday morning – the sun is shining and the city’s alive – early on my way to work, i feel like singing and dancing and then find a cozy little cafe wich serves a croissant and hot coffee for breakfast – preferably somewhere near the spree and a good book and i’d be as happy as can be – well, there’s always tomorrow and that is WEEKEND – yay!

with príncipe socorrido off sick – assumably with swine flu, i was next in line for a special treat last night – an exclusive dinner with important people from all over the world – i was the least important, only the little intern, but i enjoyed it so much – i met so many interesting people and it felt very nice to be talking in english again for a change

so, we took a bus to the wannsee, south of berlin and then moved on to be shipped across the lake in the “royal louise”, an exact replica of the ship that used to take five generations of royal prussians around the potsdam lake systems – fancy that add champagne and sunshine and you get one happy me

we landed at the villa thiede – right next to villa liebermann (where max liebermann lived and painted, probably my favourite “der papageienmann” as well – link, link, link – there it was dinner music, more champagne, some speeches by people i am still amazed at having now actually met in person and a rather nice dinner with bbq, salad, lemon butter and bread, sweet little nothings for desert and a choice of red and white wines – at ten o’clock the bus took us back to berlin and me, intoxicated with the day’s events into bed, where i slept soundlessly for the first time in days


gesine schwan, having lunch with her husband at the spree canal on this incredibly hot and humid day in the city