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november is hurrying along into december – the last leaves are falling and most days have a dull, greyish, fog-filled sameness to them that often calles for depression and sadness – and it really could be quite easy to succumb to all that – however, my november was rather pretty cool until now

right in the beginning i went to karlsruhe for the german finale of science slam – no great pictures here, as it was all rainy and grey, but jackie and i fell i love with the bathroom tiles in our hotel room

jackie was very reluctant to leave

the journey back home was wonderful – i stopped in ludwigshafen to see my family: my aunt, uncle and godson, where i stayed over night; my cousin, his wife and two kids, who invited me over for dinner and a good play session with the kids (barbie with the six-year-old and “what’s this?” with the two-year-old); then sitting snugly in the car with my other cousin and her husband, who dropped me off home on their way to hamburg

coming back home, i went to see the new james bond with the girls – in english, of course – and apart from the 45 minutes of commercials it was a great night out – also this november, i went to a fantastic reading by john burnside of his novel *summer of drowning*, which i had coincidentaly gotten as a birthday gift – i didn’t like the book when i first read it, but having listened to burnside read and talk about it, i am desperate to give it a second try

also, november has been very much dominated for my new-found love for sewing – i am taking a class and have working on a skirt, apparently a complicated one, as six sessions have passed and i am still not finished – but i made use of my learned knowledge and finished a simply skirt yesterday – i had a bit of silk fabric lying around ever since my birthday (one of my gifts was wrapped in it) and i simply added a waistband (left-over fabric of my other skirt) and finished the whole thing in one afternoon – i am very proud and you can look forward to further sewing projects of mine

cardigan: present from my mom, who brought it back from a trip to finland some years ago
boots: aces of london – i love them to bits, literally!
skirt: my own!
t-shirt: h&m
tights: rossmann

epic fail of the jumping photo – but at least you get a good look at the skirt

this is a post in which i am delightedly rambling on about the time of the year – it is the autumn of dreams: cold, yet not too cold and at least 3-5 hours of sparking sunshine each day – lovely hot chocolates, teas, apple and pear cakes, scarves, and wooly hats are all i need to make me sing and dance along the streets – a little stormy weather and curling up at home with a good book – collecting chestnuts and colourful leaves – lighting candles and slowly, but steadily taking leave of summer and welcoming winter, which will be here all too soon with it’s own glory and fun times – but as of yet it is still wonderful autumn and i like to imagine that the changes in nature come to pass exactly like this – very mary poppins and magical

… and my time is spent more and more indoors, with lovely cups of tea, cookies and knitting hats, armwarmers and scarves for everyone and sundry

sundays are best for day trips to amazing places near your home – last week i finally made it to the wartbug – world famous and pretty amazing – it is situated upon a hill, which you reach after a twenty-minute hike through the autumn forrest – perfect for a sunny sunday afternoon, when the leaves are falling and life is beautiful

this sunday was a journey back to childhood – to the wild animal park sababurg – i used to be there all the time, when i was a child and it was pretty damn great to be back and to remember happy days from long ago

I go out to work on a Monday morning
Tuesday I go off to honeymoon
I’ll be back again before it’s time for Sunny-down,
I’ll be lazing on a Sunday afternoon
Bicycling on every Wednesday evening
Thursday I go waltzing to the Zoo
I come from London town, I’m just an ordinary guy,
Fridays I go painting in the Louvre
I’m bound to be proposing on a Saturday night (There he goes again)
I’ll be lazing on a Sunday (oooo)
lazing on a Sunday (ooooo)
lazing on a Sunday Afternoon.

i think it is about time for another update of life – if it were just as easy as updating your computer, that would be nice – well, my life is not as easy as that, my life is a rollercoaster (gee, gotta stop speaking in song titles, that is so annoying) – anyways, my life at the moment consists of juggling two jobs, theater (where i always do more than originally planned), a phd and being kind of still sick

being sick is getting better, but there are days when i lack all efficiency and all energy to get up and go about my chores – and then there’s days where i jump out of bed and do the duracell bunny without stopping until i hop back into bed – that’s somehow unnerving because it’s neither here nor there

then there’s the two jobs – seriously, needing money is such a drag – but four months of not earing any money, traveling in england and living in berlin, left a black hole in my finances and so i am trying to get that filled in – it is a dreary task – but at least one job includes a trip to berlin next week (plus one more later this months or next) and is fabulously paid – and the other – as much as i’d love to say, same old, same old because it sounds cool, it is also pretty exciting to say it’s not same old, same old

it’s much better new, much better new – i am not so much bothered anymore by things that have bothered me before and there is loads of cake to go around whenever i work and, to tell the truth, it is not the cake i baked, but cake others provide for me – lovely – still not my long over-due birthday-chocolate-delight, but cake nevertheless – i am just not sure if the motto “carola’s flowers grow at cron & lanz” ( is something i really like getting around – it seems rather presumptuous, doesn’t it? – but then, i do like cake

and i also like red clover schnaps, which we had yesterday – self-picked and self-distilled red clover schnaps – it sounds fancy, but it tastes very much exactly like it did when you sucked the little bit of sweet honey-stuff out of the clover flowers when you were a kid, which i am sure you did – we all did!

result of red clover schnaps was my being very happy indeed and going ’round hugging and kissing everyone, even at the theater – it really was a blast, as no one usually gets that much cuddling from me, usually only special people, not just everyone – but yesterday – yesterday i loved everyone

and i am getting married – or not and still have a fabulous party? – well, that is another story and shall be told another time – for now, let us enjoy the sunny afternoon

©2009 =Leonidafremov