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no, it didn’t happen through their beautiful language:

nor did they win my heart by producing bottles filled with bliss – cava sparkling prosecco

or by showing me the sunny side of life, full of palm trees, the sea and coffee shops

no, they simply went onto the pitch and showed up the italian national team and afterwards brought their children onto the pitch and played with them in the winner’s shower of glitter – and that’s the way to melt my heart

here’s a selection of my favourite shots from the moments after the game

pique stealing the goal’s net
REUTERS/Charles Platiau

big children – little children

torres & daughter nora – the pigtails didn’t hurt this incredibly adorable scene

next generation!
Alex Grimm/Getty Images

ramos and his niece

glitter and that mischievous look on torres’ face – cuteness overload!


wedding day? – hero and leonato


i do like a man in a uniform – benedick


but some are not bad without one, either – claudio


confusion – beatrice


confusion – benedick


methinks, it must be love – benedick and beatrice

after six long months of happy anticipation, last week was the week – and last wednesday the day i have been waiting for – i went to see david tennant and catherine tate, the most gorgeous man and the funniest woman, in shakespeare’s much ado about nothing at the wyndham’s theatre in london

it was an adventure indeed – the night before, on tuesday, we took our tickets and went to the stage door to try and get an autograph already – the result was a lot of giggling and a very happy me, being a melted puddle of carola on the floor, after i had not only gotten a couple of perfect photos and autographs, but also heard their voices – really, i am no groupie and screaming fan girl, but i’ll make an exception for scottish and ginger people

now the happy anticipation for wednesday night was almost too much to bear – after some excitement, when my travel companion had lost her ticket (incidentally with david tennants autograph on it) and we had to get a new one and after the guy at the door wanted to rip my ticket, so i had to get a new one as well, so he wouldn’t rip of david tennant’s autograph – seriously! – we were safe and sound in our seats, in row 5 with a perfect view of the stage and not many more moments to go before the play started

initially having been introduced to both david tennant and catherine tate through doctor who, i have learnt to appreciate them for the great actors they are, even apart from doctor who – don’t get me wrong, i am still a huge fan of the doctor, but david tennant and catherine tate are so much more than just doctor and donna – i would miss them on tv, but seriously, stage acting is their true calling – they were amazing, the chemistry between them just perfect – i could watch them on stage every night

the play itself was a wonderful modern twist on shakespeare’s greatest romantic comedy – reluctant lovers is one of my all-time favourite classical themes – benedick and beatrice are the epitome of reluctant lovers, there’s so much going on between the two of them, not just on stage, but in between the lines as well, they have a history and not a boring one

being set in the 80s this version took an interesting new turn – the stage, the costumes, the music, it all made sense and was very 80s indeed – some people might not like it, but i loved it – a revolving stage created constant surprising moments and great set changes – the cast showed a variety of perfect costumes, dressing up for the various occasions throughout the play – i’ll never forget david tennant’s benedick in lace tights, mini-skirt, wig, over-sized sunglasses and pig snout for the costume party or the memorable moment, when he overhears don pedro, leonato and claudio talking of beatrice’s love for him – the stage was turning, the actors going back and forth between four big columns and benedick ended up being smeared from head to toe in white paint – it sounds confusing, but was actually just amazing, funny without being silly or overdoing it

they sing as well, not live, but for the soundtrack – yes, that’s right, the play has it’s very own soundtrack – here’s a bit of a teaser for you – the play’s version of an 80s summery feel good hit – real shakesperean lyrics of course

being set a mediterranean island, it’s great to see, how director josie rourke managed to add small details to create an overall feeling for the setting, the characters and the story – favourite moments include benedick making quite a first entrance on a golf cart – beatrice and benedick sitting by the pool and the light effects actually creating pool reflections on the walls without there even being a pool – benedick trying to rhyme a sonnet for beatrice and failing miserably, that actually made me cry – claudio singing of his love and being the perfect picture of a sunny boy, while a hangoverish, cynical benedick in a superman shirt makes fun of him, creating a lovely sense of parody – bachelor parties, including strippers and a great deal of crazyness, for hero and claudio – and a dogberry to die for, talking of comic relief, he’s your perfect example and john ramm was fantastic

but the complete cast were brilliant – jonathan coy was a wonderful leonato – tom batemen a claudio to die for, showing off his hot body and being so genuinely in love you couldn’t help but fall in love with him a little bit yourself – sarah macrae a deserving hero to this loverboy – adam james a don pedro with a wonderful sense of humour and genuine attachment to his men – and finally elliot levey as the villainous don john, who is not completely dislikable, as his bitterness in this version has little to do with jealousy and quite a lot with him being a gay man in the navy

ths far, the play was a total success for me and the money well spent – it could only be topped of by steve, the greatest door guard in the world, dropping by our seats in the intermission and bringing back the lost ticket, which had been found outside – needless to say, we were amazed someone actually gave that back, what with it having david tennant’s signature on it!

on to the second half – darker scenes and sober moods – hero’s desertion at the altar is tragic and there’s nothing comic about it, the audience feels with her, but nevertheless cannot help but enjoy the confessions of love from beatrice and benedick

Benedick: “I do love nothing in the world so well as you- is not that strange?”  Beatrice: “As strange as the thing I know not. It were as possible for me to say I loved nothing so well as you: but believe me not; and yet I lie not; I confess nothing, nor I deny nothing.”

and of course it all ends in happiness and bliss as the cast dances along to “sigh no more” and the audience goes wild – the night ended in happiness for me as well – another visit to the stage door and i now own a signed copy of the script book and a few more memories of having seen david tennant and catherine tate close up and live – the only thing i now long for is to some day meet them in person and have a chat without there being crazy fans around and people pushing to get autographs, photographs and offers of marriage and children

all in all an amazing experience – i could go and see the play every night, but i’ll have to make do with listening to yet another classic comedy feature from the soundtrack – perfection!

i am seriously considering, just skipping work and watching the whole thing after all, just to make sure, it isn’t like this

will and kate are getting married … so what? – is it really such a big deal? is it worth all the excitement, all the media hype, all the attention all over the world? if it was me, i’d certainly prefer a quiet wedding without all the fuss – by the way, it almost, nearly, very close would have been me, getting married to the british prince – an old family joke was the story of my grandma’s and my first trip to london and how we met the queen and the two old dears arranged for that particular event to take place – sadly, tea with lizzy was cancelled and i never even got to meet the prince, so no royal wedding for me, however big or small, public or private

and now, everyone is watching this wedding – there’s freaks, camping out at westminster to claim the first spot

there’s wedding-related food items, which i find simply revolting

there’s a whole webpage dedicated to

Serving up the latest food and beverage news for the Royal Wedding

there’s instructions to knit your own royal wedding party

there’s a limited edition oyster card being distributed

and there’s the official royal wedding blog, with continual updates

i say – this is f*** craziness and i’ve had a lucky escape – neither would i want balding william to be my husband, nor all that attention, nor a dead mother-in-law, who is worshipped by lunatics, nor a pizza with my face on top – i’ll stay happy and single, wear my cheap rhinestone tiara whenever i like and be my own princess

katie price – a chapter of its own – so much to say and so much one would rather not say or even think – but she certainly does like to make the headlines and this time in a way that’s just too ridiculous for words – how could she? her outfit is certainly copied well, but seriously, she’s befouling the memory of the great freddy mercury with this stunt – that is not comic relief, that is comic catasthrophe – i won’t even post the video here because it is too embarrassing to watch, so you’ll have to make do with the photo and queen‘s classic and ever-lasting original video to ‘i want to break free’

and now enjoy – you’ll appreciate it! i promise!

she remind’s me of someone or something  – but i just can’t put my finger on what or who it is – can you?

oh, now i have it – the crazy sister from notting hill