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one of my favourite party questions (and i am always the ultimate winner) is: “so, what was your first real concert?” – as embarrassing moments of the kelly family, backstreet boys and such unfold, i cannot help but smirk, knowing that, even if it isn’t to their taste, my first concert experience is going to blow their mind – i was in grade 5 and i had a pretty cool music teacher, kind of an old hippy and instead of boring us with learning notes and singing stupid kid’s songs, we learnt about american gospel and the beatles – one day i got home and as i was always one for sharing, i was singing paul maccartney’s hope of deliverance at the top of my voice – remember, i was just wee 10 years old and my parents were rather astonished – but i wasn’t to be stopped and demanded to listen to my mom’s off the ground record in an infinite loop wherever we were going

for my 11th birthday they gave me tickets to paul’s new world tour and in september 1993 (more than half my lifetime ago), we went to see him live in dortmund – and that’s how my first rock concert was paul mccartney – it never fails to impress the embarrassed ex-boygroup-junkies and i still love my parents to bits for this awesome present – i began a true love story with great music, listening to the beatles, paul’s solo stuff and then moving on to queen – and even though i now sometimes listen to silly and not that great music, i carry the treasure that is my early musical education with me wherever i go in life and listening to some of the songs instantly makes me feel good and safe and loved and happy

today as i was indulging in a beatles and paul fest on youtube, i found this little gem, which started my whole reminiscing on the topic – isn’t it simply delightful? it reminds me of david hasselhoff, but is SO much better – it’s funny and whimsical and smart and an instant feel-good and laugh at the worries of life video – go watch and be happy

well, that’s obvious, isn’t it? – babys make you smile a whole lot, they totally make you happy and tinkly all over and afterwards you feel as if the world is a better place – that is the way it is supposed to be – and i am so glad i get to met yet another little one tomorrow – i just know it’ll make my day and make me forget whatever might be troubling me – it’s not that i want one of my own just yet, but i am always so pleased to see other people’s babys and be able to cuddle and hold them and spoil them and play with them and hear them giggle and squeal and make other funny noises

i have just re-dicovered a long forgotten part of my childhood – musical fun times with moosmutzel und waldwuffel – many, many happy days were spent with these musical stories, imported from the former eastern germany by a boyfriend of my aunt’s – it seems like yesterday, that i was listening to the songs and i can still sing along – awesome!

here’s some of my favourites

sundays are best for day trips to amazing places near your home – last week i finally made it to the wartbug – world famous and pretty amazing – it is situated upon a hill, which you reach after a twenty-minute hike through the autumn forrest – perfect for a sunny sunday afternoon, when the leaves are falling and life is beautiful

this sunday was a journey back to childhood – to the wild animal park sababurg – i used to be there all the time, when i was a child and it was pretty damn great to be back and to remember happy days from long ago

i am wide awake and waiting for the canada-usa hockey game to start in about three hours time – i should probably get some sleep, but i am rather excited, so i while away the hours, drinking tea, staring out of the window in the star-crested night, writing long lonesome letters to far-away friends and listening to chopin – and, suddenly overcome by a deep lust for reading, i have also fetched my rilke letters and feel like perfecting the art of my letter writing by studying with a master

why is canada so far away and why are so many people i care so much about so far away and mostly in canada as well? – questions life will not be able to answer and listening to chopin most certainly will not help but rather put me in an even worse contemplative mood – the thing is, i don’t really care – just weeks ago, a night like this would have brought on a massive attack of depression, but right now i revel in melancholy – it will only be moments before i bring out my old diaries and highschool yearbooks and get myself lost in times long gone by – loves lost and mourned for, friendships held dear over the years, adventures taken and adventures forsaken – i think to enjoy life in the present and life for the moment, you have to dive into the past occasionally and remember the good and bad times you had

why oh why is soccer boy not all that anymore? – and why did i not think of this last year? – anyways, a hymn to all fernando fans, any fernando, no matter when and where, who and how – if you can’t get enough get yourselves over to youtube and find the spanish version – that’s totally something

oh, this is just the start – ABBA is back in my books – they never really left, but i can just about predict a very ABBA-strong phase ahead – nothing’s ever as good as a classic

twenty years of unified germany, so this movie is just about in time to celebrate – and it sounds wonderful

by the way – bananas are good!

not that i watched overly much tv as a child – i spent more time outside – probably running away with the neighbour’s boys – climbing up the steep slope behind our house, using thick tree roots and vines – scrambling through a water tunnel – throwing disgusting algae balls at the other kids, while standing ankle-deep in the village brook – running wild at the next-door farm, feeding sheep, chasing cats, watching calving or buying milk – life was charmed – a little ronja, a little bullerbü, a little madita – i can rightfully say, i had a delightful childhood

but these  intros still give me the shivers, from the few times, i did watch tv

i really don’t remember what tao tao was all about, just that i watched it and loved it

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