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it’s summer, it’s hot and a lovely, fat, long weekend is stretching ahead of me – berlin, here i am! ready to rock ‘n roll and have fun!

berlin, you have been good to me – you have fed me currywurst – you have provided the best cocktail of my life for the sweetest dreams i ever had – you have held me in your arms and lulled me to sleep – you have been singing to me and whispering sweet nothings in my ear – you have been sunny and rainy and cold and hot and stormy and calm – you have talked to me and told me stories – you have shown me your people and made me one of them – alas, i have to leave …

yorkshire-based band *one night only* will make my day tomorrow, when they perform life at berlin’s and coca cola’s *festival of happiness* at the brandenburg gate – i’ll be there and i’ll be damned if i am not happy

i’ve always liked R.E.M. and this song really, really makes me feel like strolling through one of my favourite cities, have coffee at some lovely little cafe and enjoy the sunshine

a year ago my berlin adventure started with the interview for the most exciting internship of a lifetime

my new favourite movie of all times – thoroughly modern millie – a 1960s musical, set in the roaring twenties, complete with a vicious kidnapping land-lady, an exploding chinese firecracker factory with pink smoke, a rags-to-richies hero with a sense of adventure (who wouldn’t love to be wooed by someone climbing up to the twentieth floor on a new york skyscraper to declare his love? especially if he turns out not to be your everyday butterfly boy wasting away his life but a full-blown multi-millionaire trying to find true love instead of fortune hunters?), some aviation action over long island, costumes and dances to die for, and an adorable julie andrews as millie dillmount – going to new york looking for a rich man to marry and being thoroughly modern about it – this is the opening song of the movie – millie getting modern – i love the fact that her thoughts are blended in, something continued throughout the whole movie and giving it a unique 20s feeling – and this really inspires me to go modern myself – so, now i just have to see, what’s modern today – but first, let’s see what modern millie did

just two days and partly for work, but – berlin, berlin, berlin – here i come – sigh, i feel very cosmopolitan, i’ll grap a latte on my way to the station, hop on the train and be back tomorrow – so long

be there – 24 h berlin – amazing – if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere – a mosaic of a city – 24 h filmed last september and aired this september – tomorrow morning, 6 am – what a great project – and having lived there, the city has this amazing thing, it grabs you and never lets you go – you’ll always be part of it and it will never be the same – i wish i was there now


last night was the big night of good-bye – i am sad and i will miss my office – even if i was only interning for three months, it felt like a long time and it was such a good time – i am used to good-byes, but this one was special and nice and almost a little tearful and amongst my good-bye presents was one very special – i was selected to adopt the orchid erich-maria – it is very nice indeed that he’ll keep me company when i say good-bye to the city and return home – even though the city has become home and will always be home as well