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the new killers song takes its lyrics from a nineteenth century balled and ensuing ball tradition – i find that very intriguing and it makes me like the song even better

by the way, cowboys nowadays always reminde me …

and also, this happened and i watch it at least once a day and sing along all the time – i am amazed how coll this is and, if possible, adore david tennant even more that ever

i’ve finally handed in my first chapter and now i am ready for some fun – or rather a day of work, a library date and some rehearsal time – a girl’s got to do, what a girl’s got to do!

i still cannot believe the 900-something year old timelord, otherwise known as matt smith, is actually as old (or should we say young) as i am – that somehow makes me feel really good – have a happy birthday

… and my time is spent more and more indoors, with lovely cups of tea, cookies and knitting hats, armwarmers and scarves for everyone and sundry