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with the diamond jubilee weekend ahead and my london vacation behind, it seems the perfect time to honour dear old lizzy with a couple of well chosen images

i really, really want to have a skirt like this or rather like a mixture of both of these – a pouffy, floaty tulle skirt in black or darkest sea-water green with layers in which i will feel like i am walking on a cloud or rather floating along

i really don’t dig vampires, but this is pretty cool and i want it, oh i want it, oh i want it!

also cool – do the vampire knitting type test – i am “a careful, thoughtful knitter, like Edward Cullen or Angel.” – oh great … this just takes me back to:

why, though?


damn right!

years and years i have been longing for a kitty dress – countless london portobello road and camden markets excursions were spent looking longingly at knitted kitty dresses in all variations, unfortunately all in proportions to make me look like a stuffed old bag

this past saturday, i ventured into h&m, simply looking for some cheap gloves to turn into said kitty paw gloves and there it was: my kitty dress in blue, made of supersoft rayon, boasting two pockets (essential for a perfect dress) and with bow-tied kittys all over – sufficient to say, i never bought the gloves at h&m, but went home with one brand new kitty dress, matching tights (blue and mustard) – i always wanted yellow clothes, but they make me awfully pale, so i resisted, but mustard yellow tights, even if they make my legs look like tree trunks, are totally cool and i am going to wear them to pieces, paired up with totally bargain bluish leg warmers (coincidentally the same bluish colour my new kitty gloves have) they’ll keep me warm this autumn

the only flaw the dress has, is its totally short sleeves – they’d show off my least loved body part, my thickish upper arms, if i hadn’t found an old white summer cardigan, which matches the dress nicely – add my kitty-watch-necklace and you get a perfect outfit

i love slippers and i have many pairs, but these are my current favourites – they are cute, comfortable and only cost 3 € in the sale – and they go along nicely with my panda purse

johnny depp has been named hat person of the year and i must admit, he really does look a dish in a hat – not that he doesn’t always look nice, but a hat certainly adds a little something

and today is also my personal day of the hat, having finished two hatty projects – you see, i am a hat person myself …

first, i finished a bell hop cap prototype for a costume we need for a play in june – it didn’t turn out quite the way i wanted it – it looks a little funny and actually quite silly – but it’s a start and i’m still working out the details for the actual thing

but the second project looks a treat – i finally managed to make myself a panda hat – i’ve coveted it for ever and couldn’t find it anywhere, just see it on people all over the place – and now i made my very own and i took it for an outing for the first time today – i got several compliments and envious looks – it totally makes me feel very happy and glowing and i don’t want to take it off for even a second

newst addition to my possesions – pirates headphones – being in-ear headphones it takes some time to get used to the strange feeling of having somethin inserted right into your canalear and having exceedingly small ears, i still need to buy the smallest size of buds possible, but even with the current ones, the sound is amazing and they’re super stylish

as much as i long for a pair of hunter wellies, i really also want these boots – i totally adore them