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no, it didn’t happen through their beautiful language:

nor did they win my heart by producing bottles filled with bliss – cava sparkling prosecco

or by showing me the sunny side of life, full of palm trees, the sea and coffee shops

no, they simply went onto the pitch and showed up the italian national team and afterwards brought their children onto the pitch and played with them in the winner’s shower of glitter – and that’s the way to melt my heart

here’s a selection of my favourite shots from the moments after the game

pique stealing the goal’s net
REUTERS/Charles Platiau

big children – little children

torres & daughter nora – the pigtails didn’t hurt this incredibly adorable scene

next generation!
Alex Grimm/Getty Images

ramos and his niece

glitter and that mischievous look on torres’ face – cuteness overload!

the european football championship has started and today’s the first game for germany – naturally, i’m excited – but also rather flabbergasted, my world cup adventures are six years in the past – how can that be? it seems like yesterday, which is odd to say, as it is a stereotype in itself, time passing in the wink of an eye, but honestly, six years? – how did that happen and how could i get so old so fast – let’s see, what’s changed

collecting team stickers seems either very very cool or very very silly – i cannot decide – possibly it is just an excuse to eat more chocolate

i have absolutely no desire to dress up in flags and paint my face, which will most likely have changed by tonight, but still …

i have been playing quite a bit of football myself, but the past year has been too busy to do much and i miss it like crazy

but i can still holler along to the greatest team football song of all times and break into giggles as i see jürgen klinsmann sing with all his might and heart and soul and body, it’s still the most adorable thing ever

so here goes to a great three weeks of european football*

* i really have no clue, who should win this thing, germany certainly seems rather unlikely

win the game and party on!

there’s nothing like a good dose of 1954 feeling to squelch the disappointment and sadness

remember last time!

on a different note – beware argentina, go home or face thousands of germans invading argentina, singing this:

yet another classic of german football music!

letter of disappointed complaint to cristiano ronaldo

dear cristiano,
i am totally disappointed. i was betting on you to become top scorer of the world cup. and what have i got to show for it? one measly goal. agreed, it was a pretty nice one, but one is not enough! not nearly and you know it! and that’s not all. i am so appalled at you. you behave like a petulant child. instead of living up to your abilities, you make mistake after mistake, pout and sulk and strut around the field as if mummy forgot to give you your chocolate sandwich for breakfast. that will not do! i am sad and crestfallen and daunted. i feel, i can never bet on anything as fickle as you again. i believed in you and i had to pay dearly for that – a total loss of face, now leading to a loss of faith – faith in you, in football and in my ability to judge.
i hope you feel as shameful as you ought to.
sincerely, carola