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being thirty is fun, no less so than twenty-nine – actually being twenty-nine pretty much sucked and it’s an odd number and one i don’t really like – i firmly believe the next truly fantastic great year won’t be until i turn  thirty-four, but that’s okay – having a thirtieth birthday might be fun, but it’s also kind of hard – so this is me today, kind of, minus the gorgeous guy, sadly! but still

and apart from facebook being down first thing this morning, which kind of seemed to ruin the day – because if no one knows it’s my birthday, how can they wish me a happy one – and if no one wishes me a happy one, how can it be a happy one? – anyways, facebook is back online and the sweetest birthday wishes have already found their way to me – i shall print this out, cut it up and mail it to myself during the year and all shall be perfection

i am going to reblog this at need

chuckling joey makes me fall in love with him all over again

london, baby! – friends goes london and i cannot, but want to so very much – i miss london, so this is london calling indeed!


it’s so good, it deserves two clips – enjoy!

we’ll discuss it in the morning

favourite friends moments – today: chandler quits smoking