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by the way, the story behind this: the little girl was adopted by a domestic european penguin family and the relatives are in town to take a look. mom penguin has just cooked breakfast, dad’s been fiddling with his records, the brother has come back from tennis lessons and the little one playing with a toy car (we’re not yet sure, if it’s a boy or girl, it’s hard to tell with penguin chicks) – and you see the two visitors (husband and wife, perhaps and aunt and uncle?) on the left, he’s holding an umbrella (which get’s me guessing, we’re in england) and she is sporting the stylish backback. perhaps they’re on a honeymoon. as you, of course, know, penguins mate for life. they’re a very romantic lot! and imagine the fun, when the girl (her name’s elizabeth) wakes up!

berlin, you have been good to me – you have fed me currywurst – you have provided the best cocktail of my life for the sweetest dreams i ever had – you have held me in your arms and lulled me to sleep – you have been singing to me and whispering sweet nothings in my ear – you have been sunny and rainy and cold and hot and stormy and calm – you have talked to me and told me stories – you have shown me your people and made me one of them – alas, i have to leave …

my birthday dress in black – perfect for scary interview and party – winter with tights and summer without them – dreamy days and starlit nights

… is not gray, but sunny and no one broke my heart today at all – but tuesday i fall in love – this tuesday especially – five minutes at the library were quite enough and now there’s a new man in my life, a new príncipe, if you will – let’s call him príncipe bibliotecario for the moment, which will be quite sufficient – my strange fascination with guys working at libraries can only be natural for a phd candidate in literary studies, who’d rather spend her money in a bookstore than a fashion haven

and this was a special moment we shared – he took my books back and checked out the new ones, while i chatted about the incredible amount of library books which have turned into permanent lodgers at my apartment, a phenomenon i’ve known intimately ever since i became a phd student – then he asked what i did a phd in and that he’s just finishing his degree and going on to do a phd with my advisor as well – we got to talking about phds, allergies and the lovely weather and only a friend, who waited outside with my bike, could tear me away – príncipe bibliotecario has red hair – it’s like i made him up, someone interested in the same things i am, with red hair, a sweet temper and a dimpled smile – almost too good to be true and very good for me and my slightly waning crush on someone else, also working in a library – oh dear, i can see a pattern there … and let’s hope friday is quite as nice as today as well

…wake up happy. chase a cloud. savor a memory. laugh out LOUD. WHISPER a promise. whistle a tune. fall asleep with a SMILE for the moon.

five years of dreaming, 12 months of rehearsing, 4 weeks of absolute craziness and now it’s over – i say goodbye with a tear in my eye and a sad little smile

moms are the best – thank you to mine for this gorgeous desigual designer dress, which i could never afford and which i will love and wear to pieces