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… you propbably think this post is about you

just remember, a party is always as good as it’s guests and last saturday was a pretty good party, apart from one person, for whom this song seems to be especially written – someone who is totally prone to think he just needs to beckon and girls will fall over themselves to scramble for him – and actually, very often he is right, but not always, as i am proud to report – needless to add, i sang this song all my way home, being happy with and by myself

been to a cocktail party at the mon signor hotel last night, partying it up with hollywood star chester rush and his entourage – the bartenders were superb, the music fantastic, the people dressed handsomely, but the cocktails were pure evil – devine and delicious and very strong indeed – this is truly the morning after the night before and what a night it was – i am rather ashamed to say, i behaved wantonly and dragged out being drunk to an extreme of which i am not very proud – but as i said, cocktails are evil!

unfortunately alohomora does not work without a magic wand and mine was hidden inside my apartment alongside my keys last night – i was locked out – not all that bad usually, considering i keep a key with my friend and neighbour – but, also unfortunately, this key was also inside my apartment because i’ve had friends visiting some weeks ago and haven’t yet gotton around to giving the key back – my landlord didn’t answer his phone and i left frantic messages on his  answering machine – then i spent about 2 hours with two lovely friends trying to break into my own apartment

not only did that not work, but also – very disturbing indeed – none of my neighbours came out to check if everything was alright and no one was breaking in for real – anyways, i spent the night at a friend’s place, debating my options – call a locksmith in the morning and pay a lot of money or wait for my landlord to come back home – luckily he called this morning and let me back into my apartment, which i swear, i will not leave for the next 24 hours!

for all of us, who sometimes think going to the dentist is an absolute nuisance – here’s the mr bean solution – do-it-yourself! or symply do all the things you always wanted to do while at the dentist’s

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i’ve taken a chance and i’ve been let down the hard way – it is not the first time, nor the last, i bet – life’s full of chances taken or missed – but right before christmas, it hurts like hell – so,  nothing like ABBA with this cute, wintery version to cheer me up

our possible new foreign minister? – washington post says:

will a schoolboy in a caravan be germany’s new foreign minister – what shall become of that?

and even though we all feared this was going to happen, it is slightly shocking that it is now about to happen – germany, dear motherland, i believe i must abandon you and fly to better coasts – but there is no flying from a foreign minister, is there? – he is bound to be everywhere – ahhh, o horror, horror, horror – better look at my soothing picture

i need to end this – and soon – another sleepless night will not do – to hell with solidarity, i can’t always become sick, when friends are sick, stay awake when friends stay awake or spend another sleepless night just to be just as weary looking as someone else – that is just not acceptable – but what can i do, if not even a hot-minty chocolate and a good book put me to sleep and i stay up till the early morning hours, just to feel like crap when i finally do wake up (pretty sure i look like crap as well)

i am stupid and wet and cold and miserable with a capital M – life can really suck and how i ever believed things could change is now completely lost on me – some things never change and my life back from the big city is not how i imagined it would be – it seems like i was never gone in some ways and still it is impossible to pick up right where i left off – having been missed and being welcomed back is rather nice and i do enjoy old habits – but i truly wish i could have left some habits deeply buried in the abysses of the past, instead of taking them out the first chance i get and afterwards feeling worse than i have in months

and now i am lonely, oh so lonely and a bottle of blackberry wine my only companion for tonight – really, feeling more and more like an old spinster each day – that is ridiculous – just as ridiculous as me thinking i could change things and forget so easily – at least the wine is yummy and goes well with chocolate ice-cream and there’s always time to regret later – tonight i am getting drunk, sadly alone and rather lonesome, but at least i’ve got good music and i guess a couple of more glasses and i’ll be dancing around wildly and stupidly – is that sad? – i believe so, but right now i don’t give a fuckin’ damn about it – i am miserable and this makes it feel a little more bearable

some things you just do not want to know – urgh, delete – delete – delete – delete – that’s all i can say

ps: category explanation – definitively NOT my date from hell – very much relieved about that!