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remember midnight in paris? – i fell in love with paris of the 20s and a little bit with dalí – but the 20s have always fascinated me and i wish i could swing and do the charleston – alas, one day …

but for today, let this video suffice – the song is quite catchy and on the bonus side, two of my friends are extras in the ballroom scenes

having recently watched *breakfast at tiffany’s* for the very first time, i have been longing to do things that i have never done before with some one – like stealing or getting some ridiculous cheap item engraved at tiffany’s or simply doing stupid or silly just for the fun of the moment

well, also recently i have started to do quite a few things, i had never done before – and it turns out to be a really good idea:

* i have started teaching english to kids and am enjoying myself immensely

* i have gotten engaged – not really, just pretend; but it feels very adventurous and perhaps i should try it for real some time

* i have made peace with my vacuum cleaner, despite my firm believe that hoovering was invented by the devil, i now do it once a week

* i have forgiven a friend, who has hurt me so much, i couldn’t even bear to think about it; but i am alright now and feeling very good about being generous and telling said friend that it’s alright

* i have tried to dance seductively with a broom as a prop and failed miserably – it still was pretty good fun, though!

* i directed a play for the first time; with my very best friend and now – right after opening night – i am still full of the thrill of success

* and lastly, best of all and really rather rebellious, i have put up stickers in a ton of illicit places around the city and occasionally been lifted up to do so by a rather new and agreeable – in all aspects – friend; a pretty uplifting experience! you should try it some day!

indeed, doing things for the first time, however small and unimportant they seem, makes me very happy to be alive and feeling oh so vibrant and joyful – life is good, always remember and you’ll be happy as well! and why not try doing new – the world is full of possibilities, just grab one and off you go

been to a cocktail party at the mon signor hotel last night, partying it up with hollywood star chester rush and his entourage – the bartenders were superb, the music fantastic, the people dressed handsomely, but the cocktails were pure evil – devine and delicious and very strong indeed – this is truly the morning after the night before and what a night it was – i am rather ashamed to say, i behaved wantonly and dragged out being drunk to an extreme of which i am not very proud – but as i said, cocktails are evil!

it sometimes feels as if i spend my whole life dancing on my own, fending for myself and fighting for my bit of luck – and ever so often someone else just seems to be getting there first, seems to have all the luck that i missed by an inch – or i want to share a piece of great news and no one answers the phone – then strangers don’t talk to me and give me a weird look, if i just happen to try and start a friendly chat, while waiting in line at the bakers or waiting for the streetlight to turn to green – the same people who would gladly chat any other day or with any other person – and sometimes i am in a crowd of people, feeling sad and lonely and totally out-of-place – there is no one who remotely understands who and what i am and no one who wants to spontaneously break out and dance with me – i shall keep on dancing on my own

up until just now, when i heard it on the radio, i had completely forgotten about a perfectly nice thing someone did for me last week – i was at a party and after a couple of glasses of champagne started to feel a little down – the music wasn’t all that good and i’d been dancing for some time anyways, so i was just sitting there, getting more and more into a depressive funk, when this friend came up to me and suggested we’d dance some more – i really wasn’t up to it, so i said, only to the weather girls, not really thinking anyone would bother – but she went up to the dj and put in a request – and then she made me dance – and everyone else came along as well – i had chosen a popular song and it felt so good – thank you to the dj and that friend (they really saved my life that night)

don’t you ever let the bad days get to you!

my radio wakes me in the mornings, usually with nice music, but sometimes that doesn’t quite work out and i absolutely hate waking up to bad news (bombs in iraq, suicide attempts in afghanistan, atomic accidents etc.) – today it was just half a sentence and a waft of music, but this combination of “…like the wiiiind” and “partick swayze dead” made it immediately clear that i wasn’t still dreaming and what a rude awakening it was

childhood idols are not supposed to die – i say this quite clearly, i  never fancied him all that much, but he was classic and i cannot remember a time without wanting to watch “dirty dancing” and feeling like anything is possible and having the time of my life

this year’s end of the year death summary will be so sad – it feels like everyone is dying – and even if some are delivered from long suffering like patrick swayze and perhaps also michael jackson, it is still very much like seeing good friends vanish and a part of childhood and teenage years go forever – but i’d be a fool to believe life could go on forever and so yet again we have to say goodbye – and definitely watch “dirty dancing” a lot!