november is hurrying along into december – the last leaves are falling and most days have a dull, greyish, fog-filled sameness to them that often calles for depression and sadness – and it really could be quite easy to succumb to all that – however, my november was rather pretty cool until now

right in the beginning i went to karlsruhe for the german finale of science slam – no great pictures here, as it was all rainy and grey, but jackie and i fell i love with the bathroom tiles in our hotel room

jackie was very reluctant to leave

the journey back home was wonderful – i stopped in ludwigshafen to see my family: my aunt, uncle and godson, where i stayed over night; my cousin, his wife and two kids, who invited me over for dinner and a good play session with the kids (barbie with the six-year-old and “what’s this?” with the two-year-old); then sitting snugly in the car with my other cousin and her husband, who dropped me off home on their way to hamburg

coming back home, i went to see the new james bond with the girls – in english, of course – and apart from the 45 minutes of commercials it was a great night out – also this november, i went to a fantastic reading by john burnside of his novel *summer of drowning*, which i had coincidentaly gotten as a birthday gift – i didn’t like the book when i first read it, but having listened to burnside read and talk about it, i am desperate to give it a second try

also, november has been very much dominated for my new-found love for sewing – i am taking a class and have working on a skirt, apparently a complicated one, as six sessions have passed and i am still not finished – but i made use of my learned knowledge and finished a simply skirt yesterday – i had a bit of silk fabric lying around ever since my birthday (one of my gifts was wrapped in it) and i simply added a waistband (left-over fabric of my other skirt) and finished the whole thing in one afternoon – i am very proud and you can look forward to further sewing projects of mine

cardigan: present from my mom, who brought it back from a trip to finland some years ago
boots: aces of london – i love them to bits, literally!
skirt: my own!
t-shirt: h&m
tights: rossmann

epic fail of the jumping photo – but at least you get a good look at the skirt