ever since people were people they have been guided by their imagination – stories are a huge part of our lives, have been and will always be – stories can be told in so many ways, literature is just one of them

it is my favourite pastime to look at the entangled stories of life and literature – to see how the things we read have influenced the world we live in – every book i devour has started to influence my imagination and my life has changed accordingly – i read and accumulate facts, ideas, motifs, themes, character traits, and other things i like into a new way of thinking – incidentally that is also what i do in my phd: albeit simply focusing on yorkshire and how literature has shaped people’s idea and image of yorkshire, it is just one example how i like to look at literature

and ever so often i come across something that makes me giddy and happy because i realize that other people see the world just as i do and know about the secret (or not as much) influence literature has on us – that makes me really glad for i am not alone