today, apparently, there will be great news all around – three little e-mails and each containing wonderful news – after waiting for more than six months, my new kitchen will finally be delivered next week and on thursday nonetheless, which will give me all tuesday afternoon and wednesday to clean out my fridge and cupboards, get them taken down and renovate – i have been waiting for such a long time and always anxious because not all days would be as perfect – also, i have given up all in-depth cleaning of the old kitchen and it started to gross me out

second good news is the promise of work – i applied a while ago and hadn’t heard anything, but now the editor got back from her summer vacation and immediatly send me an e-mail, letting me know that she’ll have some corrections ready for me in a couple of weeks and that she’ll forward my offer to all the otehr editors – yay!

and the third one was also somehow work-related – i offered to host a science show in november and i got the job, if the show happens – so now i’ll put even more effort into helping the show along

yes, life can be good, if you get yourself off of your couch (or in my case out of your bed) and do something – having been pretty down these past couple of months has left me exhausted – i’ll call it a depressive phase and move on – i cannot live my life in bed and neither would i – i’ll get back to adventures and fun – that’s more like it

oh, by the way, wrote about 2 pages worth of phd introduction today as well – and they seemed to fall out of my head and on to the page with no effort at all – i wish, everydasy would be as easy as that

and one last ps: anyone recognize the title of my post? it’s yorkshire- and literature related, of course