the european football championship has started and today’s the first game for germany – naturally, i’m excited – but also rather flabbergasted, my world cup adventures are six years in the past – how can that be? it seems like yesterday, which is odd to say, as it is a stereotype in itself, time passing in the wink of an eye, but honestly, six years? – how did that happen and how could i get so old so fast – let’s see, what’s changed

collecting team stickers seems either very very cool or very very silly – i cannot decide – possibly it is just an excuse to eat more chocolate

i have absolutely no desire to dress up in flags and paint my face, which will most likely have changed by tonight, but still …

i have been playing quite a bit of football myself, but the past year has been too busy to do much and i miss it like crazy

but i can still holler along to the greatest team football song of all times and break into giggles as i see jürgen klinsmann sing with all his might and heart and soul and body, it’s still the most adorable thing ever

so here goes to a great three weeks of european football*

* i really have no clue, who should win this thing, germany certainly seems rather unlikely