with all the excitement of the last two weeks – seeing david tennant and catherine tate in much ado and then coming back home to work a lot for my new job, i have yet to write a detailed description of the doctor who experience in london, which was amazing – if you are a fan, go – it’s expensieve, but it’s totally worth the money, if only for the little flutter of excitement, once you realize, you have stepped into the real life tardis and it really is bigger on the inside – but i am getting ahead of myself

getting to the experience was an adventure in itself, as it is located in a part of london, i had never been to before – and once we’d found our way there, we were informed, that on this particular day, the experience wouldn’t open for another hour or so, but we’d most definitely be able to go in right away then – so, we trundled back the way we came, up kensington high street and down a little side street, which was familiar to me indeed – and had breakfast at the muffin man, a lovely little tea shop my friend lily hat shown me to on my last trip to london in february

then, with a couple of walking miles up and down kensington high street already under foot, we made it to the experience, bought tickets and in we were – first there is an interactive part, where you are taken on a little adventure, freeing the doctor from the pandorica, where he has been stupid enough to be trapped again! – matt smith as the eleventh doctor guided us through that bit, constantly calling us shoppers and urging us on – we got attacked by daleks, had a chance to prove our skills at flying the tardis, came through the forest of the weeping angels and finally, after a cool bit of 3d-effects, rescued the doctor and were admitted to the actual exhibition floor

and now, perhaps, some photos are more effective to show and tell

doctor who - eleventh incarnation

costumes incarnations 6 - 10

costumes incarnations 1 - 5

tenth doctor's tardis "i don't want to go" - and yes, that is the real tardis used for filming ten's episodes

eleventh doctor


face of boe

don't blink!

all in all a great adventure and in the end, there even was a little shop – love the little shop – and i finally got my favourite doctor who button, which i have been wearing pretty much every day ever since