apart from some bills, i did have nice mail today – a letter from one of the long forgotten guys in a california prison, with whom i used to exchange letters for my master’s thesis and a postcard from a friend on vacation to a sunny town, about which he couldn’t but brag, since he left me at home in the rain last week – ah well, the rain is past and the sun is back, so all is well

indeed, all would really be well, if i could have a letter with this stamp on it, please

incidentally, that is tschaikowsky’s skull in the picture – no, not that tschaikovsky: the nutcracker one, but this one: also a composer and pianist, albeit not as famous as the other one, but still quite nice – especially when playing chopin – anyways, andre tschaikowsky somehow got the idea of wanting his skull to be used on stage in a hamlet production – no actor or director was brave enough until 2008 when david tennant came along and took matters into his own hands and tschaikowsky’s skull on stage – being a time lord does seem to help with strange encounters of the spiritual kind or maybe that’s got something to do with being a great shakespearean actor – anyways, this sroty makes me love david tennant and shakespeare even more, if that is possible