we went to see much ado on july 13th and on the way to the theatre my friend lost her ticket – it had david tennant’s autograph on it, which we’d gotten the night before at the stage door – we met steve at the door of the theatre, where he told us not to worry and get a reprint at the box office – that was the first brilliant!

during the intermission, steve comes up to us and asks, if my name is carola (which it is and which is printed on the ticket, since i bought it with my credit card way back in february) – so i say, yes it is and he handed me the lost ticket, which someone had picked up right outside the theatre and handed to him – that’s the second brilliant!

and steve’s management of the stage door action can easily count as the third brilliant!

we went to say theank you after all the stage door crazyness was over – but some people believe steve to be so brilliant as to deserve his own blog – a great idea, quite brilliant and well done! – steeeeeeve!