… is not gray, but sunny and no one broke my heart today at all – but tuesday i fall in love – this tuesday especially – five minutes at the library were quite enough and now there’s a new man in my life, a new príncipe, if you will – let’s call him príncipe bibliotecario for the moment, which will be quite sufficient – my strange fascination with guys working at libraries can only be natural for a phd candidate in literary studies, who’d rather spend her money in a bookstore than a fashion haven

and this was a special moment we shared – he took my books back and checked out the new ones, while i chatted about the incredible amount of library books which have turned into permanent lodgers at my apartment, a phenomenon i’ve known intimately ever since i became a phd student – then he asked what i did a phd in and that he’s just finishing his degree and going on to do a phd with my advisor as well – we got to talking about phds, allergies and the lovely weather and only a friend, who waited outside with my bike, could tear me away – príncipe bibliotecario has red hair – it’s like i made him up, someone interested in the same things i am, with red hair, a sweet temper and a dimpled smile – almost too good to be true and very good for me and my slightly waning crush on someone else, also working in a library – oh dear, i can see a pattern there … and let’s hope friday is quite as nice as today as well