i’ve been back for a week now and life already feels pretty much the same it was – this proves my point exactly – one needs to get out for good every once in a while in order not to give in to the craziness that is everyday live – it’s not that i don’t like my friends or don’t enjoy getting drunk and dancing through a night or rush around doing things, it is just very stressful and not at all to be compared to the quiet country life i led in sweet, dear yorkshire, where the most exciting thing to happen was the smell of chocolate and the finding of a baby field vole in a stack of hay – well, off to berlin i am for now – again just rushing from place to place, never stopping, never thinking twice and imagining to be having the time of my life, when all i really want to do is to get back on the moors, open a b&b and have a large herd of sheep surrounding the house, where i sit reading by the roaring fire on cold winter nights