bed & breakfast – a british institution – but finding the perfect one in the perfect place is not quite  as simple as imagined – i want to go to the yorkshire dales for a couple of nights, so i tried finding the perfect place first – having finally settled on aysgarth, i am now in the process of securing lodgins – it seems impossible, just as well as public transportation in this country is a nightmare  – it’s perfect, once you’re on the right bus or train, but finding the right one, choosing the perfect rate, locating it’s destinated place of departure is very confusing indeed – i keep on cross-referencing with several timetables in paper and on the internet – and yet, i still made a serious miss-booking just this morning – i’ll be leaving haworth around lunch time, get to york in the early afternoon to catch a train to thirsk – but the cheapes off-peak one doesn’t leave till later that night – bah, could have spent more time in haworth and saved £ 5, instead get to hurry out of haworth and linger some more in york or spend more money – tough decision – but enough for today – 2 hours of this and my head’s a mess and i keep on thinking in circles:

‘what if i catch the 9:22 out of york, that’ll get me to malton, but no, then i’ll just have missed the 10:34 on to pickering. the next one isn’t till 11:56. is malton nice? and then i won’t get to pickering until 15:43 and by that time i’ll not be able to catch a train that day. but the 6:24 will get me to pickering directly, then i’ll just have to wait for 4 hours for the train. hm, is pickering nice? oh, damn, that bus is only listed on the internet, not on the bus guide. what does that mean? i won’t get there at all?’

i am sure there’s a way and people get to pickering in time, it’s just nothing that can be looked up anywhere – one of these things, british people just know – and i am equally sure, i’ll eventually find my way – it’s just very discomforting to plan for hours and then have the feeling of having achieved nothing of great value, just a mis-booked train ticket, which cannot be exchanged without paying wbout double the amount you paid for the ticket in the first place

and here’s to all the bed & breakfasts in the world – may you prosper and keep on confusing people