inspired by Jane Austen Today!

my very own team austen for the world cup


colonel brandon – steady and reliable, able to soothe-talk and having been there and seen it all, he can relate to his team


edward ferrars – trustworthy and devoted, a safe choice to guard the goal


captain frederick wentworth – a true fighter, if sometimes a little flighty, when it comes to women

george knightley – reliable, strong and never fails to know how to go about his business

charles musgrove – good-natured and a good sport – a pleasure to have on the team


fitzwilliam darcy – intense, powerful and strong, he’d be team captain, controlling the game and dashing about to safe the win

henry tilney – the creative mastermind behind team austen’s brilliant attacks on field – comic relief for the team off field

edmund bertram – considerate, strong-principled, protective – he’ll never let the ball get through


frank churchill – his hair, it’s all about his hair – otherwise a smooth and nifty player, who’ll be able to score with some creativity

john willoughby – dazzling style, he’d be the cristiano ronaldo of team austen – and scoring goals in no time

george wickham – brilliant player, unfortunately on and off the field and sometimes quite a bit frivolous – girls, beware of this one

henry crawford – likes a good game, constant and strong, if only he puts his mind to it

on the bench:

charles bingley – pretty boy of the team, will never be able to play a whole game, easily persuaded, but quite good, when he’s in form

mr. rushworth – absolutely eager player, which compensates a bit for his lack of talent

john thorpe – very much like a bulldozer – beware of his fouling techniques

william collins – last choice, when everyone else is injured or blocked – a terrible moaner and very stiff on the field – he’s only on the team because of his patroness, lady catherine de bourgh

team song: