here’s to all the sex and the city fans out there, who always wanted carrie to end up with aiden – john corbett is back in tv – in an amazing new show, called the united states of tara – it’s main character, tara, suffers from dissociative identity disorder – she flits between her characters and nevertheless manages a full family life – all characters are well rounded, ever her funny and sometimes tragically so alters

all characters are well-rounded and fun to watch – there’s tara herself – a mom, a wife, a sister, an artist – due to her illness, she doesn’t make friends easily and has a problem of feeling guilty for her condition – one of my favourite actresses, toni collette

max, her husband – former aiden – he’s strong, he copes wonderfully most of the time, but of course he has some issues with the situation, which often lead him and tara to fight, only to make up quite soon – despite everything,t hey are a strong couple

their daughter, kate, a typical teenager, who tries to balance her life between craziness at home and wanting to get away, but realizing, the world can be just as crazy – trying to escape home, she encounters various other people, neither of them normal, all having some sort of quirk themselves – be it her work manager, who turns into a stalker; her friend lynda, the crazy artist, who makes kate’s princess fantasies come true in a singular fashion – meet princess valhalla hawkwind

kate’s younger brother, marshall, an adorable teenager, who knows quite for sure, he’s gay, as does everyone else, despite his not having come out yet – he struggles through being young and not quite knowing how to get what he wants, joining a curch hell house group to be near his crush, the minister’s son – dating a girl, just because they get along and would make a good couple – finally falling in love

and then there’s charmaine – Tara’s sister – she’s always there and plays an important part in the family’s life – sometimes, she’s like a sister to the kids, sometimes a “fake” mother, sometimes just a quirky addition to the household – she and tara are connected by a strong bond, leading all the way back to childhood – charmaine is often part of max and tara’s tries to figure out the past and find the reason for tara’s splitting problem

and of course, we don’t forget the alters – T, the flirty, wild, ecstatic teenager – buck, the man, driving around on his bike, smoking, drinking beer and sometime even getting into a fight – alice, the typical 50s housewife – more alters emerge over the series – each one representing a new side of tara and helping along to solve the mystery of her illness

one of the best stories TV ever told – to find out more, read an article in the new yorker, go to the show’s webpage or simply watch the trailer