today started out just perfect – sunny skies, summer dress and a day at the library spreading ahead in its full potential of writing yet another brilliant page of theoretical nonsense for my phd, when i suddenly noticed, i had forgotten my most important accessory, my beloved doctor-notebook, containing all and every little idea, which happened to cross my mind at any given point during my long and tearful journey towards my title – what else could i do, but turn back and retrieve it from the ever growing mess of my writnig desk at home – so, turning my bike aroung i retrace my steps, or rather tire turns and race back home, just to return ten minutes later

nothing all that special yet – but each time, i passed a certain bench on my way back and forth, i also passed a well-natured bum on that bench – by the third time he gave me an encouraging smile and a wave – he was bumming away his day and probably enjoyed the show of my shambolic self quite a bit – ah, the chaos of these days, it is all so much over-rated – take it slow and enjoy your day – that bum was quite right – and so i go on, enjoying my day and doing just as i please – vey much amazad that sitting at the library actually pleases me to bits – strange, strange world