an overdue decision, finally taken and now equally overdue to be published and finally be over and done with – this is the final good-bye to two of my long-term companions – good-bye príncipes barbaro and flagrante – i have no more use for the cruel or fresh prince in my life – and i finally learned my lesson well – neither one is good for me and even though they kept on coming back and just being there, i fought hard to get them gone – and gone they are, well, i still see them, but i really don’t know, what i ever saw in them – so, good riddance i say

so, this is good-bye for good, one eye tearful, the other one laughing at my own folly – i feel relieved and free and strangely relaxed – life is beautiful again – i cannot promise for how long and typically, i fear, something might happen again tomorrow to bring me down, but then there’s always something to cheer me up, be it a good friend, a sunny day, some chocolates or ELO