i’ve been utterly busy and decided against just blogging anything – more photos or youtube videos without any substance to it – but, by special request, since it’s been a while, here’s a teaser for more – i promise to be better – there’s a weekend ahead and a cancelled visit by the twosome, that would have made a wonderful threesome reunion – well, here goes a song that reminds us all what friendship is really supposed to be – even if your friend is the worst singer in the world, you support her, so she can become a star, crazy as she is

and here to find out who you are in the perfect circle of friends

Which Friend Are You Quiz on tbs.com
As Rachel, you are sometimes seen as shallow and ditzy. And it’s true that you have been known as somewhat of a dreamer. But that will change. Now that you are in the real world, and can’t rely on daddy anymore, you’re going to have to dig in and get your hands dirty for once. But you’ll be okay…behind that rich kid persona is one tough cookie.