not that i watched overly much tv as a child – i spent more time outside – probably running away with the neighbour’s boys – climbing up the steep slope behind our house, using thick tree roots and vines – scrambling through a water tunnel – throwing disgusting algae balls at the other kids, while standing ankle-deep in the village brook – running wild at the next-door farm, feeding sheep, chasing cats, watching calving or buying milk – life was charmed – a little ronja, a little bullerbü, a little madita – i can rightfully say, i had a delightful childhood

but these  intros still give me the shivers, from the few times, i did watch tv

i really don’t remember what tao tao was all about, just that i watched it and loved it

although, i usually listened to heidi tapes – my dad still gets a fierce look about him, whenever i mention heidi – apparently i HAD to listen to heidi tapes quite a lot and especially on vacations, while driving through the alps, there was no escaping heidi

has to be in this list, even though i never liked maja much – i thought it rather boring and prefered spending time with our neighbour beekeper ;)

i even had the books – can’t say they were so good, i think i stopped reading after the second

i wanted to have a goose and fly into the sunset

so good, i even had it as my cell ring-tone for a while, recently

so far so good for the cartoons, let’s see some real live action

very obvious, as my dad was working on it – and i’ll never forget the times in the studio, what fun!

caramel ice-cream and being sick, while watching nesthäckchen! – and i had a doll named gerda as well!

no idea, what happened there, but it was exciting, full of witches and princesses and fairy tale wonders

aww, i had almost forgotten – i had read all the books – could hardly wait for the weekly library visit to get my hands at the new one – i think that was the first time, my mom had to forcefully remove the book from me, else i would have read through the nights

and tell me, which one’s your favourite childhood tv memory