chuck bass is going to be heathcliff – talking of modern time bad guy epitome meeting literary bad guy incarnate – that will be rather interesting to watch and i will have full right to indulge myself in passionate dark romance, as it is part if my phd to analyze film adaptations of yorkshire novels, and who, if not the brontës, wrote intensely, landscape-incorporating romantic novels set on the yorkshire moors, eh?

but seriously, casting couldn’t have been better – no matter, what people say of type-casting, it’s got it’s definite ups – if you already know you can imagine someone doing his part to perfection, it makes it so much more enjoyable to look forward to a film – well, one thing is sure, though – that definitely means goodbye to being well-groomed and immaculately dressed – but which chick doesn’t dig a deliciously handsome young man in a slovenly state of apparel- well, chuck bass, you did well for yourself, very well indeed, considering that an ex-bond-girl will be your catherine – literary and movie fantasies do mix well

besides, any version of wuthering heights is better than this – i know, it’s the seventies, but i can’t help myself, it is just so silly and does not at all gives credit to the novel

ps: have listened to it a couple of times now and it has kind of grown on me, i am very loath to admit