twenty years – what could happen in so many years? – a little girl can grow into a little miss – wars can be fought – people can attempt to change the world – cell phones can diminish to a midget of their original size  – and two countries can chant “wir sind das volk” and become one

angela merkel was just getting out of a sauna, when she heard – i was seven and for the first time in my life i watched the news with ardour – the people attempting to leave their country and crowd into the prague embassy, that was more exciting than any cartoon or silly movie could ever be – history was being written and i was right there

why o why did i leave berlin behind this past weekend to experience turmoil and despair, instead of staying for today and celebrating?

fall of the berlin wall – that is something so incredible, so huge, so historic and, for once, i am rather proud to be german and to have my own memories of “damals” – we even have a real piece of the wall at home – i know, i know, anyone can buy one in berlin, but let’s face it, who knows where those pieces come from – ours is real, someone was actually there and brought it back from the actual night of the fall and took it themselves

and how does the world celebrate? – everyone to their own fashion – l.a. demolishes a giant cardboard wall according to scrip – london builds a melting ice-wall – and a chocolatier in paris re-built part of the wall in chocolate – great!

there is many songs that describe this day – the scorpion’s wind of change of beethoven’s ode to joy, but this somehow is the hymn of the day