today at work – i’ve got the power – i wanted to get stuff done and i was going to stick at nothing to finish what i had in mind – unfortunately sticking at nothing meant to bitch with my brother-a-like co-worker – i really love him dearly (in a brotherly sort of way), but sometimes he’s just too much, his lack of concentration, his inability to multi-task (of course, he’s a guy, what do you expect?) and his tendency to blame me for distracting him from work drive me crazy – so today, picture this, both of us bitching at each other like crazy, well, actually like some kind of  old married couple – but somehow that’s how we managed to get things done and make the store look proper and neat

and barbaro? – ah well, he played a trick on me and i was rather unpleasantly mad – but then he apologized ever so sweetly and shared his pizza with me – now that’s a way to a woman’s heart – well, i feel relaxed around him, so i think, it really is getting better, despite the pizza-sharing and hugging me to apologize thing – see, i still like him, but i am not so much focused on that whole crush thing, so i am no more a silly, knee-shaking, butterflies in my stomach kinda girl – that’s improvement, that is