my radio wakes me in the mornings, usually with nice music, but sometimes that doesn’t quite work out and i absolutely hate waking up to bad news (bombs in iraq, suicide attempts in afghanistan, atomic accidents etc.) – today it was just half a sentence and a waft of music, but this combination of “…like the wiiiind” and “partick swayze dead” made it immediately clear that i wasn’t still dreaming and what a rude awakening it was

childhood idols are not supposed to die – i say this quite clearly, i  never fancied him all that much, but he was classic and i cannot remember a time without wanting to watch “dirty dancing” and feeling like anything is possible and having the time of my life

this year’s end of the year death summary will be so sad – it feels like everyone is dying – and even if some are delivered from long suffering like patrick swayze and perhaps also michael jackson, it is still very much like seeing good friends vanish and a part of childhood and teenage years go forever – but i’d be a fool to believe life could go on forever and so yet again we have to say goodbye – and definitely watch “dirty dancing” a lot!