after having been in semi-depression for the past few weeks, life seems to be getting back on track

i manage to get things done, get up early and start bright and fresh into the morning

last weeks crisis at work has been smoothed over, but i’ve taken an overdue decision – i need a new job, quickly! – started looking and applying

the apartment-hunt has a new twist, no longer intensively looking to buy, but rather to rent and share with two friends

barbaro’s been tame like a lamb and i’ve started to reconsider my feelings – i know, i know, i’ve said so before, but this time it feels like i am slowly making progress – and if he no longer acts barbaro, he might not be interesting anymore – perverse, but if it helps

theater life is a charm, it all works out perfectly and i feel very appreciated for what i do – i only can’t say no and there’s too many projects at once which makes me feel like a juggler, but i think i can handle it, somehow

phd work is also coming along nicely – reading, reading, reading, as if that would be bad, huh?

i’ve been sporty, going swimming once, twice, thrice a week and running occasionally – tonight i’ll see the national football team play azerbaijan in the world cup qualification and i am excited to be at a real stadium again – hoping for loads and loads of great goals

my career as agony aunt has developed into strange new directions – and, same as always, i give help to everybody else with their complicated love lives, while my own stays pitifully twisted as always (okay, there’s hope, but that comes and goes) – but, never mind, it’s okay, i’ll be fine and as much as i love to help, it all works out in the end and everybody is happy, even if it’s twisted and absurd and strange how life and love works – it’s really not all that natural to me that the guy, who seemd hopelessly in love with me not six months ago, is now dating my best friend and talking babies and weddings with her and she only having split up with her ex a couple of weeks past – that’s soap material, not real life, isn’t it?

so, as the leaves start to fall and autumn comes around, i am perfectly content with things once more and ever so glad to be over that depressingly depressive phase – that was hell!