the internet is a wondrous thing – while working all afternoon yesterday, i found some photographs of a lovely valley in austria – that happened to be the exact same valley, where my grand-parents liked to vacation once upon a time – thus i found myself compelled to look it up on the internet and after some random clicking and flicking, i found an article on a rock located above the wangalm, which is full of memorial plates for people who died upon the mountains – one of them is for my grandfather – it gave me the shivers that this very same plate was quoted, it’s “all ways lead to god, one leads over the mountains” being a sort of leitmotif for the whole article


this group of random travelers happened to record their feelings on the internet, but it is a very nice thought that many come upon that rock every year and all of them read of my grandfather and thus remember him, just as we do – we all leave or trails on this earth and sometimes they make wondrous things happen – my grandfather died many years ago and it still hurts, but it also makes me happy to realize he might have died that day on that mountain, but will never be forgotton as long as this plate is there – and even more wonderous – we chose the quote because that was what he had photographed years before on an other mountain on an other plate – life is so inspiring and even in death we refuse to give up and keep on being there and pointing the way for generations to follow – a truly comforting thought