so, tonight i will have my first ballet class – i am not too sure about that and expect i’ll behave like a klutz, but i thought i’d at least give it a try – you should always live up to your dreams and ballet has been on the list ever since i was a little girl – i am very excited and maybe this is the beginning of a wonderful, charmed life in the fine arts of fragile dancing – who knows, it might be – things happen – and two years ago i never thought i’d do more than awkward dance moves in a club and that turned out to be totally not true and by now i am part of my very own dance group and do just fine – so ballet really is just one next step

ps: august 21st 2009 – ballet is very nice, gives me sore muscles and a sense of being fragile, pretty and ever so slightly over the top cool, but this class is not so nice, gives me strange pain in strange places and a sense of being clownish, fat and being taught childish dance moves at an age that’s way over the top – so i’ll not quite give up the dream of becoming a prima-ballerina one day, but i am definitely not going to attend this make-belief adults-back-to-childhood, we dance ring-a-ring-a-roses type of class anymore – give my a good choreographer and teacher and i’ll dance anything anyday, but this? – no thank you very much, i’ll stay my way and feel pretty