some loves never die – they just grow weaker and are pushed aside by new loves –  but then something triggers the mind and it all comes back – harry, harry, harry, that’s all i can think of – or as shakespeare put it: cry “god for harry! england and saint george!” – bless the british, my literary heroes – shakespeare and j.k. got it damn right – harry, harry, harry

so, as you can guess quite rightly, i went to see the new harry potter tonight – two and a half hours of me being glued to the screen and not wanting it to stop, even though i knew the sad, sad ending it would take – after film five i wasn”t expecting much – that one not being my favourite, mainly because i also like that book least of them all – but this was no disappointment, only way too short and of course some of my favourite parts of the book were cut out, but some others, i’d been dying to see, were all there – hermione and the canaries – lovely – ron and the love potion – to die for – anyways, all the teenie-love-drama – a little bit american high school movie, but so very british and so very j.k. – you gotta love it

but there’s not only the mushy bits, there’s action and we’re back on some good quidditch scenes – there’s also scary parts and even if you know, what’s going to happen, you get freaked out at times – goosebumps, whole body goosebumps!

the magic bits are still as fascinating as ever – even harry still shows signs of amazement at all the things you can do with your wand, or should i put it differently – all the things dumbledore can do with his wand – one of my favourite scenes, when dumbledore puts right the demolished livingroom, slughorn’s been camping out in (by the way – a delightful plushy armchair with shoes said prof. s was just momen’s before) – anayways, harry watches in amazement and he wears chucks, he’s my hero!

alan rickman, as cool and delicious as always and i simply loved the tiny bits of foreshadowing  – if you know the books and know that he’s really the good guy (i hat to boast, but i’ve really known all along!), you’ll recognize the signs

harry, ron, hermione – daniel, rubert, emma – what can i say, they’ve grown up – it’s so amazing, how they’ve grown along with their characters and as always i feel like i want to board the hogwarts express and be there right alongside them – i think i’m a luna – god, i love her, she’s one of the greatest characters of the whole series and comes so well alive

regrets, i’ve had a few – but then too few to mention – just one, though – i missed neville – where was neville? – hardly in any scenes at all – not good – maybe in the take-outs – have to see the take-outs

so, that’s all for now – i am still over-whelmed and will be half-living in the magic world for the next couple of days – but big plans ahead – come next autumn and the first big stormy nights, it’s me and harry and loads of food in my apartment for three days and seven books