leggins are god’s invention for people who want to wear tights and still show off their new sandals – but leggins are the in-clothes of the summer, so i want some – in black and blue and white and maybe red? – even if they work to make my legs look very much to their disadventage, i want some!

now, don’t go thinking, i don’t have any work to do – i do, but sometime you just gotta jot down your immediate thoughts before they vanish off the surface of the brain

but the photo-search-marathon has to wait until tonight – so, check back later for some pretty and not-so pretty photos of girls (maybe guys as well, it’ll be a surprise;) in leggins

so, here goes

so, there were really more photos of men in leggins to be found than female – shocking! – please let me know, what you think of this whole trend – like it or not – and which one’s your favourite – cookies to anyone who guesses mine