the city is vibrant – the city is fast – and i wasn’t all to wrong when i figured berlin is just a smaller version of new york – both cities have the same feel about them – you either love or hate it there – in my case – i do love it, despite the occasional annoyed side-glance at stupid tourists, the vast crowds of mad shoppers on a saturday afternoon and the horrid humidity in the summer (even that is just like new york)

a fact about berlin, i have really come to adore is the many well-dressed men – i just appreciate a man in a well-fitted suit or even same well-chosen smart casual wear – so much better than the many students, sporting the “just-rolled-out-of-bed”-look, which can be sexy, but definitely not in the long run

the fast city life also seems to take its toll on everybody’s love-life – i have yet to meet someone, who leads a happy and normal relationship – i fit right in – complications, devastation and lost hopes take turns with unreasonable cheerfulness, silly grins over sweet nothings and leaping for joy, while singing out loud – again, just like new york because this definitely feels very carrie, friends and company

projects for the near future are the big embassy hunt – i must admit i am fascinated by the variety in the different embassies’ looks – so i plan on taking some time for an embassy photo tour and maybe have a contest, so everyone can pick their favourite – i think i already know mine, but i won’t tell – and maybe, just maybe a political career is not all that bad after all – i mean, being an embassador definitely seems to have it’s ups

and work – ah, well, it’s still pretty exhausting and being grilled for the first time on the speech preparations i did for mrs s. was horrible – she wanted to know everything in detail and caught me totally unprepared as i had already moved on to the next topic – at that moment i simply wanted to quit, run out and never ever go back – but after some chocolate cake, ramazzottis and the assurance of the team that that was a total exception, i was back on track and am now doing extra special work on my next two, rather controversial, preparations

i still love the apartment, though i’d definitely say the mother-daughter flat-share has failed – it works ok, but mostly i am happy, when i have the place all to myself, turn up the music and dance around in all that lovely lovely space i suddenly have – so long, i’ll hop into the bath now and enjoy the last bit of my glorious free day, before it’s going to be back-to-work tomorrow