monday – i was completely thrown into the deep end – there’s the phone, you answer and deal with it – ahhhhh, what? how? when? who? where? – nope, i just had to do it mostly on my own and since it was monday after a long weekend it was exhausting – i came home, feeling absolutely dazed and just wanted to cry and come back to göttingen – defeated and beaten

tuesday – better, not quite good, but better – i learned that while working for a very important person, everything we do is also very important – that’s kind of our catch phrase, so don’t mind if i use that quite a bit – i took photos during an interview and felt oh so important – but i still came home simply wanting to curl up in bed and sleep

wednesday – i slowly get the hang of that whole phone thing – calling people and answering calls from total strangers, who might be important, but then also only think themselves important – i start to figure out a little more who’s who and recognize people, when i talk to them a second time – then, lunch at the official restaurant for members of parliament, with tourists on boats going past on the spree – ogling and photographing – oh, i feel so important

thursday – it’s like a puzzle and i slowly get the whole picture assembled together – and after a glass of wine to celebrate my start, i feel like embracing the world – i am happy happsy drunk and nothing seems like to big a challenge, unless you count putting the mail into the mailbox instead of walking past or finding the closest to home grocery store

friday – my way to work, through tiergarten and then driving underneath the brandenburg gate – it’s actually quite nice, especially if the sun is shining and it’s a bright friday morning, the weekend only hours away – the city is full of tourists and especially french school children – no idea, if they ever manage to go to school – there were tons of them running around england during my visit there as well – and it really is kind of surreal to be photographed while biking to work, just because one happens to be cool and trendy looking, when one bikes through the brandenburg gate, duh

summing up – my first week was exhausting, but eventful – my trip to the turkish embassy to deliver an important message and running down to the porter’s lodge to pick up important guests – it all feels quite okay – i miss göttingen to pieces, but i am getting used to big city life – i adapt easily it seems, but then that’s nothing new, for a cosmo girl like me – traveling the world and being at home where ever i happen to be