ahhh, home sweet home – how glad i am to be here – it took seemingly for ages to come back on an overly crowded trainc with only crazy people on board – maybe the result of a major breakout from an asylum? – i don’t know, but i do know that larissa likes to snog random people, imke’s at burger king burger-king(hope she isn’t still, poor girl) and the girl who told a friend all this on her cell in a rather distinguished drawly voice, has an accoustic, no a hearing, problem, making her talk real loud on the phone – she might also have mentioned that to her cell phone buddy

meanwhile a baby started yelling, the old couple, occupying four seats between themselves and their two small bags, started complaining and imke was still at burger-king – the minutes went by slowly, not even robbie’s voice could drown out the noise of loads of people, pent-up into the coach like cows into a truck on the way to the slaughter house – oh, and imke’s still at burger-king

while i am finally home with a cup of home-sweet-home tea show_imagephpand a pack of dried montmorency cherries51kfcfp22ql – my favourites, not usually available in germany, but – like a small wonder – appearing in a delightful easterbasket, alongside the tea and a cranberry body scrub