afternoon sunshine, a picnic with friends by the riverside, well-chosen food and a couple of bottles of champagne – it all lead to an evening of happiness – i saw my príncipe flagrante and couldn’t stop thinking, how beautiful he really is – his hands …  ahh, delightful – i thought, that episode of my life belonged to the past, but in my tipsy state, he seemed the most reasonable diversion from unpleasant thoughts about príncipe barbaro, whom i really, really, really need to get out of my mind for good – luckily, for me and flagrante (who can be quite cute and all that jazz, but who really is just a miniature barbaro), the champagne took it’s final point and me to sleep quite alone and quite peacefully

the next day brought work and a sweet and cuddly barbaro, who definitely refuses to let me and my mind move on in peace – neither forward nor backward – still, the night brought fun and friendly faces and a long lost friend, visiting from a far away place – i nearly all forgot about barbaro troubles, decided that flagrante, while cute, wasn’t worth any trouble and enjoyed simply being exactly where and who and how i was

finally, tonight príncipe aficionado – the wanna-be prince, got on my nerves again – really, there’s someone, who just doesn’t know when to stop – hmpf, there’s nothing more to add and no, i’m not taking anything personal