hpim1707i found this video on my computer and was remindedof a party i held in california one day long ago – i prepared a lot of food and drinks and invited all my friends over to our wonderful apartment – i think that was the day i invented the famous carola orange punch (alcohol not detectable at first sight, you see – with campus police and such busting parties and my beloved roomate then being underage…) – anyways, the party took a funny turn, when we ran out of glasses and used jars instead – or when someone decided it was time to demonstrate his view on american truckers and what they look like – in the end, my roomate and friend neha, the crazy girl from india, a pre-med, who’d do her spare time painting in her scrubs – jon, the funniest british guy, i have met in all my live, who’s never learned that the brilliant california shpim1694un poses a great threat for his delicate white british skin and who emerged from a long day at the beach and a cold shower afterwards looking like a lobster time and again – and myself were cleaning up and decided to commemorate this memorable moment by taking a photo of ourselves – unfortunately, jon hit the recording button on my camera and the perfect shot was lost – but we got this short clip – and i can truly say, here it is not true that a picture says more than thousand words – this speaks truly for itself and the crazyness of a california exchange year – giggle, giggle, damn, damn, weird, random, funny, oh my god, hilarious