with all my heart i can say, this song is my life and today i really, really, really feel like supergirl – i am defending my world, as i have always done – i have put on my smile and my bullet-proof vest because cupid, little bastard that he is, shall not try and wound me today – and i really wish to have this damn death-grip on my heart loosened – if it didn’t work as a new year’s resolution it must work as a birthday resolution – so, here’s to a new year and one without me being depressive over something stupid and someone cruel – bye-bye príncipe barbaro, i shall be happy without you!

SUPERGIRL Lyrics and music by Amy Anne

Woke up this mornin’, put on my smile
Had to start practicing since you’ll be here in a while
On my way out, grabbed my bullet-proof vest
Yeah, just in case Cupid tried to hit me in the chest

I won’t greet you with a kiss cuz you’ll touch my forcefield
It envelopes my body and it acts as a shield
Yeah, it covers up all these feelings inside
These feelings for you I’ve been conditioned to hide, cuz

I’m Supergirl
And I’m the toughest little lady in the whole wide world
I’m Supergirl
You better believe that it’s true
I’m Supergirl
And I’ve been rather busy defending my world
I’m Supergirl
Whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks right back
On you, on you, on you

I wish I could just fly away from this pain
Yeah, but, this damned cape, it won’t work in the rain
If my x-ray vision could see through steel
Perhaps I could see how you really, really feel


If I took off this suit and stood naked before you
What would you do, yeah, what would you do
Cuz under this armour is a girl who loves you
If you only knew, oh, if you only knewsupergirl1

Men of steel are so hard to find
Unfortunately they make me blind
Wish I could see through to your ugliest parts
To loosen this death-grip you’ve had on my heart


So put ‘em up, yeah put ‘em up
put ‘em up, whoa, put ‘em up
Put up your dukes

today, i will save my world, tomorrow, i will attempt to save everybody else’s as well – because i am supergirl and my superpowers are quite unparalleled and i shall conquer all difficulties and triumph over troubles