and do apologize for my late quietness in respect to blogging news – the reason being that there simply are no news to speak of – i spend my days curled up in bed, reading and popping m&m’s into my mouth at frequent intervals – i find it hard to tear myself away from my nigh on 1000-page book (and there’s not just one, it’s one of six and the seventh to be out this year) – all around me i see my apartment fall into pieces of dust, which settles on shelves and books and dirties the dirty dishes even more so – food has become unimportant, as long as the pages last

Food really is of no importance, when one has so many other things one one’s mind. I find it highly difficult to focus on having to eat, when there is so much more I could do. Of course, I love to eat and I am dying for a good meal. But it is just like anything else, only one thing at a time. Usually I eat because I have to. In the very desirable event that I find something I really want to eat I savour the moment. A piece of my grandmothers Philadelphia cake, frozen peppermint chocolate, a big tub of ice-cream, pineapple and banana chocolate-fondue on the sweet side; my mom’s pizza pockets with home-made tomato sauce, turkey dinner with cranberries, a chicken burrito, a  cheeseburger after a two-year long abstinence.

i feel the urge to read on, even though i know, i have so much else to do – around me my apartment groans as it comes to terms with it’s dirtiness and finally the phone rang and brought me to my senses – i started up and doubled over with shock – the dishevelled state of my apartment closely resembles a robber’s cave – dirty, filthy and even a little smelly, due to the large pile of discarded and unwashed clothes and dirty dishes in the sink – seriously, a book can take you away from your own into another world and it is utter shock, when you return to find the damage left behind – i should do something about it and since there is no butler or serving maid available at present, i ought to do so myself – this is a solemn vow – i swear, i will clean up and start on my work before i reach for the book again – shall my fingers be burned by the pages should i do otherwise