call it, as you may, i am nervous – very, very, very nervous – i am having a meeting with my phd adviser this morning and i cannot stop myself from trembling at the thought – she’s totally not someone to be afraid of, but we are to set the topic today and discuss, what i have managed to prepare and i feel it is pitiful – i also have millions and millions of great ideas, but simply don’t know which ones are best and how to merge them into one solid topic – i feel very foolish and stupid and would rather stay in bed with a good book – reading is so much nicer than writing about reading – no, that is not true – i love writing and digging into books and material, compare, research and finding out something new, but i am a little scared at the moment and anxious to figure out, which exactly will be my topic and how i will be able to transform it into a neat and enthralling thesis