once more i had strange dreams hunting my sleep – as always, príncipe azul has been frightfully absent – but príncipe flagrante, who has proven himself to be a desperate fool in life, has been very decent dream material once again – seriously, who wouldn’t like to dream of cuddling classes with any príncipe at all, no matter, how stupid they be at any time in real life?

yes, cuddling class it was – something i highly recommend to be taught at school and uni and about everywhere else – cuddling is about the nicest thing in the world, as kittens already know and we should learn thoroughly throughout all our lives – and somehow cuddling with flagrante in my dreams was much better than any cuddle could be in real life – that might be sad, but it was very nice while i was dreaming about it, so i really don’t care all that much, if that makes me a pathetic girlie-girl